Euro Medical Services Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) and Euro Medical Services GmbH (Germany and Switzerland) aim to focus on providing medical equipment for total solution as well as distributors who do not have the entire items in their portfolio. We specialize in product management and tender specification business.

As a team of vastly experienced and skilled experts we have established relationships with numerous companies and manufacturers worldwide, which qualifies us to support your specific needs.

Whether you are expanding your market opportunities or looking for support in a hugely competitive market, we can provide consultation for various situations.

 As the medical landscape is competitive and rapidly changing, Euro Medical Services are constantly on the look for the latest trends in the market to support our clients in:

  • Business development for Medical Equipment in Asia and Europe.
  • Tender and specification businesses for government and private sectors.
  • Product inquiries for all kinds of medical equipment. (We offer pricing and documentation)
  • Consultancy of product registration of all classes.
  • Marketing and distribution of products in Asian and European regions.

By understanding our personal expertise and market research we are able to provide the most effective solutions to your problems.